fluxbox in sculpture magazine

[…] The exterior appearance was plain– a sleek, seamless black wall that nearly spanned the entire lofty space. A silver crank handle and a small, clear, rectangular box encasing a pickle were the only ornaments. Clamped by wires on both sides, the pickle began to spark and light up as the handle was turned. Moments later, a halt­ing melody churned out from the other side of the wall.

A journey through the maze-like interior of the melody’s physical architecture began when you infil­trated the entrances to the box, tucked away on either side. The artists created a series of small musical chambers connected by sharp turns, stairs, and an orange slide, producing curious tex­tures of sound that played in sync, united in a single song. An old accordion hummed in a blue velvet room designed by Ranjit Bhatnagar. Draped with delicate strings of tiny white lights, it hung by a rope and pulley from the ceiling like a chan­delier, playing itself with each rota­tion. […]

— pp74-75, Sculpture 12/2006, International Sculpture Center

fluxbox review in Sculpture

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