r.t.t.m.t.t.t.i.c.i.t.m.o.a. reviewed in new york press

opening night, rttmttticitmoa at flux factory

A playful approach to Tatlin’s Monument

When I heard the title of Flux Factory’s latest show, Response to Tatlin’s Monument to the Third International Conceived in the Mood of Ambivalence, or R.T.T.M.T.T.T.I.C.I.T.M.O.A. for short, I thought I was going off to see a ridiculous, pretentious show full of highfalutin communist propaganda.

I’m happy to report that I was completely wrong. […]

— Aileen Torres, New York Press

My photo (above) from opening night was used to illustrate the article.

nypress review 14 dec 2006

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