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I’m making a new musical instrument every day in February. On March 1st I think I’ll have to have either a concert or a bonfire. Follow my adventures at flickr or!

Some highlights so far: matchbox synthesizer, diet cocarina, rotten stick electric guitar. You can hear sound samples from all of them at their respective pages.

thing a day 3: matchbox synthesizer

4 thoughts on “thing a day

  1. Love your work – esp. since I’m a thereminist myself! Nicely done. Thanks for commenting on my black bean soup! I’ll keep watching your blog for neat stuff.

  2. Loved your photographs as well :) very creative work. Hope I can join the session.

    I have an idea, maybe you also already thought about it but it would be cool to have user manuals for each instrument. Funny ones ;)



  3. That gathering sounds so cool!
    If I weren’t all the way over here on the west coast, I’d be there!
    Hope to hear recordings maybe?

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