thing 26: rotten stick saxamophone

Yes, it’s another rotten stick! But no walnuts this time. It’s a saxophone of sorts, using reeds made out of coke cans, subway passes, and whatever else I had lying around. Here’s what it sounds like with three different reeds.

Construction details: I cut the stick in half the long way and chiseled out a rectangular trench in one half. I clamped the two halves together while I made the mouthpiece (which is coated with lemon oil and olive oil to protect it from spit) and tested the first reed. Then I glued the halves together and drilled the finger holes, and made a bunch more reeds.

rotten stick saxamophone

rotten stick saxamophone

rotten stick saxamophone

2 thoughts on “thing 26: rotten stick saxamophone

  1. Hello. Nice instrument!
    Do you have more pictures of the saxomofone? I am planning to make instruments like this with my students in Arts and crafts.
    Do you have pictures of the inside, and how it looks under the reed?

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