trumpet marine at figment festival

I made a little sound sculpture – a sort of wind-powered banjo – for this weekend’s Figment Festival on Governors Island. Here it is installed on the island’s waterfront by Castle Williams, with a spectacular view of downtown Manhattan. (If you’re in the New York area, come to the festival this weekend – it’s free, and there’s eight million things to see.)

Trumpet Marine at Figment Festival
If the wind really picks up, the flowers will spin.

And here’s a video from when I was testing it on my deck.

Update: here’s video from the festival itself.

3 thoughts on “trumpet marine at figment festival

  1. Nice one, Ranjit! MG called me at about 4:30 on Saturday and she was close enough that I could hear the sculpture through the phone– but she said she was close enough to be kissing the banjo, heh! Fortunately the wind picked up while she was that close. Sounds great– I wish I could’ve seen it.

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