instrument-a-day 13: bamboo flute

Instrument-a-day 13: Bamboo Flute

Instrument-a-day 13: Bamboo Flute

The park near my house is a collection point for old christmas trees to be recycled. Someone dumped a bunch of bamboo in the pile (christmas bamboo?) so I grabbed a stalk and let it dry for a month. This bamboo really wants to split – in fact, I can hear the flute spontaneously disintegrating in the other room.

This is a Native-American-style flute (two chambers, with an external air passage connecting the two) made with guidance from Sammy Tedder’s page.

It sounds like this.

3 thoughts on “instrument-a-day 13: bamboo flute

  1. Hi,
    fantastic flute! I want to make one, but I dont find the guide on Sammy Tedder’s page. Is there any writen guide? Can you show me the web, please?
    Thank you!

  2. I love this creation, i have to make a instrament for homework and i think this is a really good idea cause we have heaps!!!
    So if u can, can u please give me some tips and how to make it???

  3. It’s too bad Sammy just shows pictures and doesn’t give instructions or explanations. Some of the pics are self-explanatory but not all.

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