the ballad of the eire canal

Almost 15 years ago I wrote a silly song based on a typo, about the 19th century’s greatest nonexistent feat of engineering, the transatlantic canal between the United States and Ireland. Many years later, Jacob Haller arranged and sang an a capella version of my lyrics, and now, through the magic of the interweb, you can hear a fully realized version of the song by the all-mollusk* band El Submarinium. Check out the Ballad of the Eire Canal on their myspace page! (Their other songs ain’t bad either.)

* the band may actually contain some vertebrates

3 thoughts on “the ballad of the eire canal

  1. Love the song! Made me laugh. Is it possible the “typo” was “Mid Atlantic” referring to those states south of New England such as New York? I remember a book about Bicycling in the Mid Atlantic!


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