(mailing list archive) the thumping guide to new york city (and more)

Bonk! Clang! Thud! I’d like to announce a new project I’m working on, in association with the Conflux Festival <http://confluxfestival.org/2009/> and their Conflux City event <http://confluxfestival.org/2009/events/conflux-city/> – this is for all of you who can’t resist thumping on all the shiny protrusions, poles, and appurtenances you pass as you walk along the city sidewalks. The Thumping Guide to NYC is a collaborative map of all the best sounds to be made in the city with your fists. It’s just getting started, and, if you’re in NYC, I need your help to fill out the map! It’s all at http://thumpingguide.com

And here’s some other stuff that’s going on!

My daily photo project with Keira Chang continues, though sometimes we get a few days behind updating the site: http://www.dontwiggle.com/
My collaborative twitter sonnet for the Brooklyn Museum of Art wrapped up at the end of July- dozens of museum members collaborated in writing the poem.

I’m going to be installing some of my mechanical music machines at the Museum of Children’s Art in Oakland, CA on Sunday September 27th, as part of the 12th Annual Festival of Music for People and Thingamajigs. (Yes, Thingamajigs!) More info at http://thingamajigs.org/festival2009.html

And finally, I’m going to Japan in October! Any advice or recommendations would be welcome!

– ranjit

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