instrument-a-day 20 & 21: 8-bit violin

A working violin made from maple and oak craft wood.  The design is all 90 degree angles except the fingerboard.  The tuning pegs are literally square pegs in round holes.

The thing's tuned two half-steps low until it gets used to the tension.

I have never played a violin, so many thanks to Bre Pettis who dusted off his 15-years-neglected fiddling skills to test-drive this violin! (Hey NYC violinists! Want to help test & demo this thing? Contact me.)

I hope to get all the designs uploaded to thingiverse soon – keep an eye on if you're interested.

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  25. Hi, I used your 8-bit violin photos to design an 8-bit cello made from used pallets as a challenge to recycle pallets into art. It is also playable and was made all in one day (although some modifications are needed: f-holes, another tuner/string and finish in the body). Here is a YouTube video of it. Thank you for the inspiration.

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