instrument-a-day 24: unpleasant reed pipe

(video link)

A friend gave me an old mouthpiece (I think it’s from an alto saxophone). I made an adapter to attach it to the pipe from yesterday’s PVC membrane pipe.

You can download the design files for the adapter from

This is way harder to play than the membrane pipe! It took all my breath to get a few honks out of it.

1 thought on “instrument-a-day 24: unpleasant reed pipe

  1. You have to squeeze the reed against the mouthpiece with your lips while you play, almost like biting it, but with your lips over your teeth.
    If the reed isn’t flush against the mouthpiece, you’re just blowing air into a pipe and not really vibrating the reed. Sounds like you got some notes out of it, but I hear a lot of air leaking. Try squeezing the reed against the mouthpiece more, with your lips and teeth like I said.

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