silence organ

silence organ consoleNexus Gallery in Philadelphia commissioned the Silence Organ for Innovative Instruments, a show of artists’ instruments presented in conjunction with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Citycircus, a celebration of John Cage.

To exploit rooms full of interesting instruments making interesting noises, I wired the gallery with 13 microphones, each set in a resonating tube tuned to a note of the diatonic scale. The viewer would put on headphones and play a tune on an antique keyboard, in which each note was made of filtered sound from elsewhere in the gallery.

2 thoughts on “silence organ

  1. This is such a simple but brilliant idea! Wish I could have experienced it. Must have taken a bit of effort to setup and get sounding even… (compressors / limiters?) So digging it.

  2. Ive been looking at the work on this website and think its brilliant. im interested in pianos and old sheet music, especailly those pianos that could play automatically. I agree with the comment above, I wouldve liked to of expericned this for myself. great work.

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