all my candy

installation proposal for artbots 2008 from ranjit on Vimeo.

Proposal for Artbots 2008

Simple automatic instruments are constructed from local materials and objects on site. The system learns the sounds it can make by trying out its instruments, and then uses its range of sounds to try to reproduce the rhythmic and melodic qualities of sounds such as the voices of visitors. It then loops and alters these imitative sequences into improvised compositions. (That last part’s not done yet, so you won’t see it in the video.)

In this example, the source audio is a bit of the soundtrack from the movie Citizen Kane, and the noisemakers are a set of found object percussion machines and an electromagnetically fretted electric guitar.

4 thoughts on “all my candy

  1. Saw this on Gizmodo and had to come to the home site.

    I LOVE it. Seriously moving found art across multiple modalities in realtime.

    I like how the sequence and the timing is modulated; how about allowing it to actually change notes (or maybe for the sake of assonance, select from a variety of chord progressions) on the melodic line.

    Nicely done.

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