is this the first blog?

“Most of the people I’ve talked to, I’ve asked who had inspired them,” he said. “Who were you reading when you decided to start blogging? To a certain point that becomes a harder and harder thing the further back you go. For instance, Justin Hall started his site in January 1994, before most of us had heard of the web. I asked him, ‘Well, you’re one of the first bloggers, was there anyone out there who you were getting inspiration from?’ And he pointed me to this other guy named Ranjit Bhatnagar who was keeping a site at in 1993. And, sure enough, it was a reverse chronological list of stuff he found on the web.”

Simon Owens interviews Scott Rosenberg for PBS. Rosenberg is working on a book-length history of blogging.

15 years, wow. And I’ve been photoblogging since ’94. No wonder I’m tired. Check out a retrospective of moonmilk over the years here.

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