instrument-a-day 28: melt (after mineko grimmer)

Instrument-a-day 28: MeltInstrument-a-day 28: Melt (after Mineko Grimmer)

Instrument-a-day 28: Melt (after Mineko Grimmer)

Years ago I was in a gallery show with Mineko Grimmer, who makes sound sculptures of pebbles frozen in ice. As the ice melts, the pebbles drop into a pool or a wooden lattice and make irregular sounds.

I made my own version entirely out of things from my junk drawer: marbles, squashed pennies, old keys and dog tags, and some acorns I was saving in a tiny jar. What does it sound like? I won’t find out until the weather warms up.

Many thanks to Thing-a-Day for inspiring the instrument-a-day project for the second year in a row!

1 thought on “instrument-a-day 28: melt (after mineko grimmer)

  1. That’s so creative and interesting! It’s a very unique and different form of art! Hopefully the weather will warm up soon!
    There’s this website called that I think may be of interest to you. It’s a site where artists have their own virtual studio to display and sell their work. I thought it was interesting and showed how the internet plays such a powerful role in the world of art now!

    As always, thanks for the post! I enjoy reading them!

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