instrument-a-day 16: guitar marxophone (marxotar)

As I said before, I love the sound of the obsolete Marxophone, but they're expensive on ebay.  I made this guitar-marxophone with hex nuts glued to street-sweeper bristles stapled to a chunk of wood.  The marxotar straps to the guitar's tailpiece and strap button with zipties, and can be attached and  removed without any damage to the guitar.

Despite my unpracticed fumbling with the  guitar marxophone and Open D tuning, I think this thing has a lot of promise.  Hey manufacturers!  You can have the idea, but I want credit and some free product!  (Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if someone else has already had the same idea.)

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5 thoughts on “instrument-a-day 16: guitar marxophone (marxotar)

  1. would buy if it was developed. I’ve tried bonucing various objects off my guitar before.

    only thing is probably some looped nails to stop the parts moving side to side perhaps. Oh, and make a version for a jazzmaster!

  2. Ha!~Funny, we got the same street wiper tines, I use them for kalimba’s and such. Also made a dubstep generator from a tine pressed against a 24v buzzer, the two battling frequencies (the tine and buzzer) created dubsteplike sounds.

    Nice contraption, made something simmilar from a fork, sort of mechanical delay sounds.

    Getting a lot of inspiration from your blog! You make my day, allways good to find more soundfreaks, feel less alone :)

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