instrument-a-day 28: Baba Yaga's Balalaika

It's made from a wooden mortar and pestle and some scraps of guitar string.  I strapped a rechargable battery to my thumb to use as a slide, just like Baba Yaga used to do.

That's it for instrument-a-day for this year, but Jason, Chris and I will be performing with some of these instruments on Wednesday at Barbes in Brooklyn.

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instrument-a-day 21: blinky

One of my earliest memories is of lying on the carpet under the christmas tree watching the colored shadows change as the bulbs blinked on and off, and listening to the small tinkling sounds of the tiny metal thermostat timers inside each bulb.  For this instrument, I stuck contact microphones onto a bunch of blinky bulbs to magnify those sounds.

The sound in this video is in stereo.

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