instrument-a-day 17: pickup glove

I took some scrap wire and wound it into coils, which I sewed to the fingertips of a knit glove.  I tossed some extra magnets under the guitar strings, and then waggled my fingers over the strings while tapping the strings (still tuned to Open D) with a drumstick.  It works ok, not great.  The next version will use much finer, more sensitive coils, and probably only on the thumb and two fingers.  It's hard to use all five!

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4 thoughts on “instrument-a-day 17: pickup glove

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  2. That’s kind of haunting. I’m surprised you didn’t combine the E-Gurdy with this glove. Then you could get continuous sound. In fact, you could strap the E-Gurdy near the bridge, fret with your left hand, and use the coil glove with your right.

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