with algorithms subtle and discreet / i seek iambic writings to retweet

Pentametron, my twitter poetry engine, is now online! An experiment in finding inadvertent art in the internet’s endless outpouring of language, pentametron automatically collects twitter posts that happen to be in iambic pentameter. It processes about five million tweets per day, and finds a few dozen iambic lines in that time.

You can follow pentametron’s work in realtime at the twitter feed – @pentametron – or read the collected sonnets at pentametron.com, updated several times per hour.

RT @ginafbabey    Thanks for the love and Karma is a bitch.
RT @Lweeeeeezy    I try and find the good in everyone.
RT @ItsMe_Shay_P  Some females really get beside themselves
RT @6thRosePetals So super disappointed with myself.

RT @mordemmy      It doesn't really matter anymore.
RT @nisaeee       This drama motivated me a lot! 안구정화 짱!!
RT @jayylyrics    she always gotta ruin something good
RT @Teeyaanur     wow gonna do the #lin tonight again..

RT @TerrySupplyCo I really wanna skate a empty pool.
RT @J18mcevoy     I wanna see the hunger games tonight
RT @valerieward95 Wait, does The Hunger Games premiere tonight?

RT @_SyMoan       Not Even Gonna Entertain The Thought
RT @breeannie     Last practice of the season. #bittersweet

This isn’t my first effort at crowd-sourcing sonnets through the internet: I organized the Exquisite Sonnet Project almost 20 years ago (!) and did a similar project through twitter for the Brooklyn Museum of Art in 2009. But this is the first one that’s entirely automated — and in which the contributors don’t even know they’re participating.