video: misericordiam on governor's island

Misericordiam visited the Figment Festival on Governor’s Island, New York City, this July. For the first time, I suspended the piece from a tree in the open air rather than from an indoor framework. It was a beautiful day to hang accordions in trees. Here’s some video from the festival.

Accordions in trees!.

There’s some photos of Misericordiam al fresco over at flickr.

some upcoming events

I have a new piece in Ten Years Running at the Chelsea Art Museum, April 5-14. The reception is Thursday, April 5, 6-8pm.

The latest incarnation of Misericordiam, the hovering accordion from Fluxbox, will be at the Esther M. Klein Gallery in Philadelphia for Artbots Philly, April 13-June 30, opening the evening of April 13th, 5:30-7:30.

I’ll be doing some sort of sound sculpture installation at the Bent Festival, April 26-28, and the Parsons DT band Mister Resistor will be playing at the festival.

We’ll also be playing in the Tranzducer series at Lemurplex on Friday, May 25th.

artbots & misericordiam on

The sound of an accordion can be joyful or annoying, and artist Ranjit Bhatnagar has managed to add a dose of creepiness with his creation “Misericordiam.” Here, an accordion dangles in a black curtain-flanked booth, playing sinister sounds to no one in particular. White LEDs give it a festive air, but its intermittent noises and shakes make it seem like a prop escaped from a haunted house.

— Rachel Metz, Wired Blogs

Nov. 9-12: misericordiam at artbots nyc

fluxbox accordion Wheeze “Misericordiam” (new name! “Cordy” for short.), the hovering accordion from the Fluxbox project, will be groaning and heaving at the Artbots 2006 NYC show. As the ArtBots page says:

ArtBots is very happy to announce a regional NYC show as part of the science+art festival 2006 this fall. The show will feature works old and new by eight New York artists who have appeared in previous ArtBots shows.

Thursday-Sunday November 9-12, 2006, Noon-6pm
Opening reception Thursday November 9th, 6-8pm

Location One
26 Greene Street (between Canal and Grand)
New York City!

How much:

Come see wheeze and a bunch of other marvelous art machines!