instrument-a-day 11: short ride in a fast chihuahua

[video link]

My toy chihuahua always barks 26 times in a row. I sent out a call for very short 26-beat compositions for piano and chihuahua, and received over 50 scores from 15 composers.

The computer listens to the dog and plays back the scores in time with its yaps.

See the chihuahua, hear all the microscores, and much more at the Qubit Machine Music Festival tomorrow 2/12 through Friday in NYC!

qubit machine music this week in nyc

Machine Music is Qubit’s focal point of the 2014 season, highlighting the interstices of a variety of contemporary currents, including cutting-edge computer technologies, improvisatory instrumental practice and experimental sound installations.

This festival of music played by and with machines is coming to NYC this Wednesday through Friday, February 12-14. Come join us! All the details at

Last month I sent out a call for microscores, 26 beats long, to be played on Disklavier robot piano under the control of my little toy dog. I’ve received almost 40 scores for Short Ride in a Fast Chihuahua, and there’s still room for more, if you’d like to send some of your own. Kala Pierson explained the rules better than I ever did, here. Come to the Machine Music festival to see the chihuahua in action!