COLLAB FEB #2: Salamandir

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Salamandir on harmonic flute (didjeriflute), Ranjit on harmonic bass (tromba marina)

“The harmonic flute is a very simple instrument that makes very, very complex sounds. It was made from a piece of 1-inch PVC tubing, about 7 feet long, that I rescued from a construction site dumpster.” – Salamandir (

The tromba marina is a bowed instrument from the 15th to 17th centuries with a single very long string. It’s fingered below the bow, so you get harmonics that sound a lot like a trumpet – thus the name. My version is made from a 7 foot long piece of lumber – also rescued from a dumpster – and a cello string.

stone song walkthrough

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sound sculpture for Caramoor’s Garden of Sonic Delights, installed at the Neuberger Museum, SUNY Purchase College, New York. The sound changes slowly as the stones settle, and also responds to the weather.

The sound art festival’s opening at Caramoor on June 7th, and Stone Song will have a reception at SUNY Purchase on June 20th.